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Due to the fact that I have been denied the right to press charges against the monster who murdered my
baby, Meercat. I would like to present Meercat’s case to the Court of Public Opinion. I realize that this Court
has no legal standing, but Meercat’s case needs to be heard and the Court of Public Opinion is the only court
I am allowed to plea his case.

To the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion, I come to you today to present my case for
Meercat who was brutally murdered in front of  his owner, Marilyn Cockrell. I, Marilyn Cockrell will present
this case myself.

The morning of 2/6/13 started out as an ordinary day, with one exception, it was my birthday (YEAH) and
I had just turned 49 (BOO). My family which consists of myself, my 5 years old  male cat, Pig, my 5 year old
female cat, Bootsie and my 2 year old cat, Meercat, were going about our normal morning routine. Of course
Bootsie being the great outdoorsman’s that she is wanted to be let out into the garden. Meercat and Pig
were having their early morning wrestling match while I prepared the morning coffee. After settling down
with my coffee, Meercat joined me on the couch for his early morning belly rub. After this, both he and Pig
were ready To go  out into the garden.

As usual the three of them engaged in their games of chase, hide and seek and stalking whatever bug or
lizard their keen eyesight could spot.

I went inside to conduct the day’s business. Currently unemployed, I am in the process of selling my home
because I can no longer afford it anymore. Over the last several weeks I have been selling everything I own
just to try and pay my mortgage until the home is sold. At which time my little family and I are moving back
to North Louisiana to be with my elderly father. During this time in our lives I think it would be best if we
were together now so we can help each other.

Today’s business was checking my Craig list account, my email and seeing what little things needed to be
done around the house to make it presentable for prospective buyers. I received a call from an agent who
wanted to show the house that afternoon and so I busied myself  making the home spotless. They came and
went, I hope they liked it but they were on such a tight house hunting schedule that it was hard to tell.

Since it was my birthday I was making plans to go to my favorite haunt to be with other locals I have come
to call friends but all that changed dramatically around 7:20 pm.

I went out to check my mail and I noticed this car to my left driving on the wrong side of the road. Since I
could see no reason why this car was driving  on the wrong side  I watched him and then I heard this
horrible THUMP, and laying on the road convulsing to death was my baby, Meercat and the reason for his
driving on the wrong side of the road became abundantly clear to me. Meercat had gone across the street to
visit my neighbors cat and when he saw me he was trying to return to me. This monster driving the car saw
an opportunity to run down a defenseless animal and he took it.

I ran into the road screaming at the top of my lungs for the driver to stop and I chased the car for a short
distance but he never slowed up. I watched him drive to the end of the street and take a left turn. My
screams were so loud that my neighbors heard me inside their homes and came running out to help. Thank
God for them, I would have never made it though the next five minutes without them.

Meercat convulsed for only a brief period of time before his body went still. Unable to approach him myself
at that time due to shock, my neighbor went up to him and confirmed that he was indeed dead. He stayed
with Meercat while I went into the house to find a plastic bag and a box to place his body in. After returning
with the items I approached the lifeless body of my baby. It was obvious that Meercat had been struck in
the head. While my neighbor opened the bag, I reached down and picked his limp body off the road and
gently placed him inside the bag and  then the box. By this time several sympathetic people had gathered
around and I thanked them and then took Meercat back into his home.

I know what I had just witnessed, I knew that Meercats death was no accident so I called the police.
Needless to say my hysterics was apparent to the dispatcher who took my call and an officer arrived within
15 minutes. I described the car to him and told him what happened making it abundantly clear that what I
witnessed was not an accident. He went in his car to look for the car that ran down Meercat and I got into
my car to join the search. I spotted the car and pulled the officer over  to tell him I found it. He followed me
to the home where the car was parked. I got out of my car and approached the car, placed my hand on the
hood, the engine was still warm. I then returned to my car to let the officer do his job.

The monster answered the door and when the officer questioned him and I could hear him denying
everything. At which point my emotions got the better of me and I screamed at him from my car that I saw
him do it. I will never forget the sight of the car that I was chasing down the street. The officer admonished
me for my outburst and I kept my mouth shut from then on.  After a couple of minutes, the officer, the
monster and his wife approached me in my car. The monster looked at me and said If I hit your cat I didn’t
know it and I am sorry.

Now Ladies and Gentleman of the Court of Public Opinion, let me appeal to your common sense. A man is
driving on the wrong side of the road for no apparent reason, he hits a 10-pound object in the road,  a
woman starts chasing him down screaming so loudly that other people hear her inside their homes and
comes running out to see what happened and he sees, feels and hears nothing??????? Put yourself in my
shoes, would you believe him? I certainly didn’t and I told the officer that I wanted to press charges. At that
point it became obvious to me that the officer DID believe him because at this time he told me that there are
leash laws and because my cat was not on a leash that a crime had not been committed. He said he thought
it was an accident and asked me if I still wanted to file a report. I looked at the officer with utter disbelief
and yes I want a report filed.  At this point I told the monster that I would be pursing charges and drove
back to my home because I was so angry that I could feel my self-restraint slipping away from me.

Upon entering my home and seeing Meercat’s lifeless body wrapped in a bag lying in a box on my living
room floor all anger disintegrated and the most overwhelming grief overtook me. I fell to my knees, picked
up the box and rocked Meercat back and forth, sobbing uncontrollably . About ten minutes later the officer
returned to my home. His sympathy for me was genuine and sincere. He told me he understood my grief
because he himself had lost beloved pets. But he explained to me that he believed that what happened to
Meercat was an accident. In his opinion he didn’t think that the nice man he questioned was capable of what
I was accusing him of.  I reminded the officer that I saw the whole thing and I know that what I saw was no
accident. I once again told him that I wanted to press charges. At this point the officer told me that pressing
charges would be useless because it was my word against his. I told him AGAIN that I wanted to press
charges. He stated that he would file his report and gave me the customary card with information I needed
for my case. He told me that I could contact the department the next day to file my charges.

After the officer left, I realized that the weather forecast predicted heavy rains coming into our area very
soon and that I would need to bury Meercat before the weather turned bad. I took my shovel and a
flashlight out into my garden and found a lovely spot to put my baby to rest. In the darkness of the night I
started digging. I couldn’t really see what I was digging but I kept digging anyway. With the flashlight I
could tell that I made the hole the right size and it was deep enough. Just as I finished digging it started to
drizzle rain

I went inside to get Meercat. By this time his mutilated body had turned stiff and cold. The grave was not
big enough for the box, so I got two more bags and placed my baby in them and carried him out to his grave.
As the rain started to fall I placed him in his grave and got down on my hands and knees and with my bare
hands I pulled the dirt into the grave to cover him.

It rained very hard that night, but  I barely noticed it. I spent the rest of the night pacing up and down in
my living room, unable to get the images of what I had witnessed out of my head. Every time I tried to lay
down and close my eyes, the only thing I could see was my baby convulsing to death in the road and that
monster just driving off.

That Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion, is how I spent my 49th birthday.

The morning of Feb. 7 I  was a physical and emotional wreck. I haven’t slept in 30 hours, my hands were
shaking uncontrollably and I was crying uncontrollably. I realized at this point I needed professional help
because I knew I was in the beginning stages of a nervous breakdown. I called my doctor and the
receptionist hearing the obvious distress in my voice told me to come right over. My doctor saw me as soon
as I arrived. He had a young intern with him that was in training. After telling him why I was in my current
condition he and his intern gave me an examination and he prescribed for me two medications, one for
anxiety and the other for sleep. He gave me a card with his emergency number written on it and instructed
me to call him at once if I started having chest pains. He then explained to me and his intern that women my
age experiencing this high level of anxiety was at a high risk of having a heart attack. I got my prescriptions
filled, went home and took the medication.

When the anxiety medication took effect and I was no longer pacing the floor and crying uncontrollably, I
called the number the police officer had given me the night before in order to start the process of filing
charges against the monster. I was told that because the report was written in the form of a complaint that I
would be unable to file any charges and that I would have to speak the officer that filed the report in order
to press charges. I left a message for the officer to contact me as soon as he came on duty.

I was expecting the officer to call me, instead he came to my home later that evening and I told him what his
office had told me earlier that day.  He seemed to be confused by the situation and told me that I should
have been able to file charges. He did remind me that it was just my word against the monster’s and I told
the officer that might not be true. My neighbor two doors down from me was the first one on the scene after
Meercat was run down. I told the officer that he might  have seen something and that he could be a potential
witness.  He said he would speak to his supervisor and get the situation cleared up. Assuming that this must
be some sort of clerical error, I thanked the officer for his time and his assistance. After leaving I took the
sleeping pills and after 39 hours of not being able to sleep, I was finally able to sleep without any nightmares.

Feb. 8th.  After I awoke, I noticed that Pig and Bootsie were wondering around the house. I got up and
followed them. They were walking in and out of rooms sniffing around and then it dawned on me that they
were looking for their little buddy. They were looking for Meercat and couldn’t understand why they were
not able find him. At this point no amount of medication could stop me from crying. I let them go out into the
garden where they continued their search for him. Being much younger than them, Meercat was their
playmate and it was obvious that they were missing him terribly. Watching them search for him is
heartbreaking to see, but it makes me more determined than ever to press charges against that monster
who shattered the happiness of my little family.

Assuming that the officer and his supervisor had cleared up whatever clerical error had prevented me from
pressing charges the day before, I called the station to start the process for pressing charges against the
monster. I was once again informed that I would not be allowed to press charges, but this time they gave me
a more specific reason. In his report the officer had ruled what happened to Meercat an accident and no
charges were to be pressed against the monster. I was horrified. The officer in his report sided with this
monster, despite the eyewitness testimony of the victim. I once again requested that the officer contact me
when he came on duty. I was told that the officer would not return to duty until Monday, Feb. 11th.

I realized that this was a case of my word versus the monster, but thanks to this report my word will never
be heard and the monster gets away with his crime. I find this totally unacceptable and decided to call this
officer’s supervisor. The officer who answered the phone told me that the supervisor was also out until
Monday. I gave this officer a brief description of my situation and he told me that basically that report would
not be changed and because of the leash law in Gulfport if I continued to insist on pressing charges that more
than likely I would be brought up on charges for violating said leash law.

Ladies and Gentleman of the Court of Public Opinion, if you wanted to stop a victim of a crime from pursuing
their rights to prosecution, can you think of a better way to do it than by telling the victim they might be

I looked up this “leash law” and here it is (source: City of Gulfport website)
Sec. 7-96. - Prohibited at large; "running at large" defined
It shall be unlawful for cats to run at large within the city. "Running at large" is hereby defined as being off
the premises, including yard and appurtenances, owned and/or controlled by the owner of such cat.

PET OWNERS IN GULFPORT, MS BEWARE. If your pet leaves your yard and wonders into the street and
a monster behind the wheel of a car takes the opportunity to run your pet down, YOU could be the one
being prosecuted, ESPECIALLY  if you try to prosecute the nut job that just ran down your beloved pet.

There is a STATE LAW called “The MS Dog and Cat Protection Act of 2011”. Under this law what this
monster did to Meercat is called Aggravated Animal Cruelty. But when I fought for my right to press
charges against this monster under this STATE LAW, I was told I could be charged with the violation of a

On Monday it is my intention to get a copy of the report that the officer filed, which is preventing me from
prosecuting this monster under the above mentioned Protection Act.

Until that time, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion, court is hereby in recess.